Timber Framed Buildings

Topics: Building, Construction, Storey Pages: 1 (253 words) Published: March 16, 2013
The aim of this project is to identify which frame is the best suited for a three storey building. The two most popular construction frames, timber and steel will be compared and the focus will be on the types of frames and construction time for both frames. * History - timber frame

* History - steel frame
* Properties of timber
* Properties of steel
* Advantages of timber framed buildings
* Advantages of steel framed buildings
* Disadvantages of timber framed buildings
* Disadvantages of steel framed buildings
* Problems connected with timber in construction (frames) * Problems connected with steel in construction (frames) * Cost of each frame & sustainability of timber/ steel structures * Why is it increasing in popularity/usage for each frame * How sustainable is each material

http://www.steelframing.org/PDF/SFA_Framing_Guide_final%202.pdf http://www.foursteelwalls.co.uk/cs-01.html
http://www.jvglobal.com.au/upload/NASH_-_Buyers_Guide_to_Steel_Framed_Housing.pdf http://www.steelbiz.org/Discovery/BackdoorViewer.aspx?ID=gsDX2bK5oD7INCeXvQKZGC8ca+Y5WHxMsHPhKhJYcqomwUc2GeLYtjF08Gm6syIP http://continuingeducation.construction.com/crs.php?L=285&C=883 http://www.ehow.com/list_6951536_advantages-steel-frame-buildings.html http://www.environ.ie/en/Publications/DevelopmentandHousing/BuildingStandards/FileDownLoad,1680,en.pdf http://www.framewiseltd.co.uk/Case-Studies/new-build.html

http://www.stow-bet.com.pl/opracowania/TimberSteelFrameBuilding_Sweden.pdf http://www.forestry.gov.uk/pdf/Timber-frame-buildings-a-guide-to-the-construction-process_D496.pdf/$FILE/Timber-frame-buildings-a-guide-to-the-construction-process_D496.pdf http://www.mace.manchester.ac.uk/project/research/structures/strucfire/DataBase/TestData/BRETest/BehaviourMultiStoreySteelBuilding.pdf
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