Happy and Sad

Topics: Communication, Nonverbal communication, Paralanguage Pages: 2 (526 words) Published: June 23, 2011
Happy and Sad
In the past few day, I did a research about happy and sad .One day for happy, another day for sad. At the end, I got some information from the research. Smiling all day long to people is easy for me because I am an optimistic girl and with smiling in the face all the time. People seemed to be affected by my emotions. The first day, they became happy when and after communicating with me when I had happy face. They were full with enthusiasm to talk with me and react ardently. But, the opposite phenomenon happened the other day I had a sad face. My friends were serious about what had happened to me and came to me with worries. They reacted tensely. So, I conclude that the people around me will be affected by me. If I am happy, they will be happy. If I am sad, they will be sad. I am going to present some details below. “Why you seem to be so happy today”, one of my friends asked. “It’s nice day today, I think it is comfortable, I enjoy the day”, I responded excitedly. ”Yes, I think so…”he said also excitedly after having a look outside. However, this is the informational listening, which attempts to comprehend the message of a speaker (Rothwell, 2009). What he said is the support response to me. My happy face reminded him how the day was and also affected him to feel great. When my friend was speaking, I kept smiling to him. Then, he gave me some ideas for fun with the nice day and became more and more excited. My happy face made the communication much happier and deeper for he considered that I was interested in what he said. The sad appearance may be a little bit difficult for me, in order to get sad, I watched a tragedy. When I appeared sad, a friend came to me tensely and asked what’s wrong with me. I told her that I watched a sad drama last night and the sorrow story still in my mind. She asked me the name of the drama and thought whether she ever watched it. She also said if she had time, she wanted to watch it to find out whether it was sad...
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