Handle Infformation in Health and Social Care Setting

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  • Published : April 29, 2013
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Handle information in health and social care settings
1.1 The data protection act is the policy which is in place in any care setting for recording, storing and sharing information; it’s to protect people and their rights and gives them so privacy when personal data is being processed and it also gives individuals the right to control what information they want people to know about themselves. 1.2 It is important to have a system that is secure for recording, storing and sharing information so that the confidentiality with in work is maintained so that only the necessary people have access to information and that it is not easy access for other individuals 2.1 To access information and advice about handling information staff could: read Policies and Procedures file, attend training courses provided by the manager, speak to Team Manager in person, speak with work colleagues or use the internet for research. 2.2 if I had any concerns regarding handling information in which I need to seek advise because I was unsure about anything then I would speak to the nurse in charge or my manager and get their feedback on what was best to do being careful myself to not go in to too much detail which can be classed as braking confidentiality. 3.1 Records of care plans for example are kept up to date on a daily basis three times a day; all activity throughout the day is recorded and signed by that person who has written it, they are always accurate as they are done every day to show what has been happening to the individuals. 3.2 Ways of following agreed ways for recording, storing and sharing information is to update the care plans on a regular basis and by speaking to the individual and their next of kin who will know most of the information as long as you have the individuals consent for them to be there to make sure the information on file is still correct, also to keep up to date with where the information is being stored making sure that the...
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