Han Dynasty vs. the Roman Empire

Topics: Han Dynasty, Roman Empire, Han Chinese Pages: 2 (429 words) Published: July 2, 2012
The Han dynasty of the southeastern region of Asia and the Roman Empire located around the Mediterranean prove their major significance to modern-day history. However, the Han Empire was a greater military power, they had created more unified state, and created a better cultural legacy than the Roman Empire. The Han dynasty’s showed a greater amount of both military power and preparation. The Han dynasty produced an aggressive military that would allow the expansion of Han territory to Fujian, Guangdong, northern Vietnam, Manchuria and northern Korea, whereas the Roman military merely spread to Germanic lands and the Balkans. Along with that, Rome succumbed to more invasions and conflicts than the Hans did. Rome was invaded by Muslims, the Huns, and Visigoths, but the Han dynasty merely lost a single conflict with the Xiongnu people. Additionally, the Han people were more prepared for disaster by storing food up for a time of desperate need. Meanwhile, there is no record of citizens from the Roman Empire investing a great deal of interest in the concept of preparation for what may happen. Politically, Han China was more unified than the Roman Empire. Both empires functioned under the rule of a leader, like Augustus Caesar for Rome, and Han Wudi for Han; however, Rome had several areas that did not seem to follow the current leader, like the distinct state of Judaism, before the religion of Christianity exploded in popularity. These areas in the Roman Empire suggest that the government did not effectively exert its power. The simpler political structure of the Han Empire allowed for easier governance of its subjects who lived in an area much bigger than the Roman Empire. Culturally, the Han Empire left a stronger legacy than the Roman Empire. Most notably, the Han dynasty engineered the merit system for civil service, still in use today by several world powers. Additionally, the Han dynasty perfected the process of casting iron, a development that would prove...
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