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Halcrow Group Strategy and the linkage with the HR Strategy
The purpose of the Halcrow Group is to sustain and improve the quality of people’s lives and to shape a better future for all of their stakeholders (strategy report 2018, found at www.halcrow.com, September 12th 2011). The purpose is supported by a series of values to be mentioned as ‘skills and innovation, enjoying what they do and delivering within time and budget and codes of business behaviour and business principles’ (Millmore, Lewis, Saunders, Thornhill, & Morrow (2007). Strategic Human Resource Management. Contemporary issues. Pearson Education Limited, Harlow, UK, p. 150). Within their strategy Halcrow makes use of the four main business groups Consulting, Property, Transport and Water, which operate worldwide. All of them are backed up by a Corporal Support System. Halcrow strives to develop in a dynamic and sustainable way to become commercially aware, flexible and more responsive to customer needs (Millmore et al., 2007). To reach the above written goals Halcrow introduced the “Act Now” programme. “The focus of ‘Act Now’ was to align employees’ behaviours and approaches with the strategy” (Millmore et al., 2007, p. 152). It is performed by the HR department through the development of core competences to move the employees’ emphasis from what they know to do, to what they can do. Furthermore a 360-degree appraisal was introduced to create more openness towards learning from their own mistakes. Next an instignation of a profit share bonus scheme was developed to make employees aware of the commercial focus of Halcrow. Last the development of ‘ideas labs’ was introduced to promote innovative thinking and enable commercial valuable ideas (Millmore et al., 2007).
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