Gym Management Sytem

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Computerized Registration and information system
match up boxing gym
AMA Computer Learning Center

Presented to
The Faculty of
AMA Computer Learning Center

In partial fulfillment of the requirement for
Computer System Design and Programming

By: Caringal, Charlene M.
Lopez, Jhune R.

February 2012

This Project/ thesis entitled, “”,
prepared and submitted by __________________, in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the Associate of Computer Programming has been examined and recommended for acceptance and approval.



Member Member Member

PANEL OF EXAMINERS Approved by the Committee on Oral Examination with a Grade of


Member Member Member

Head of the Department

We would like to acknowledge our debt to each &every person associated in this Project Development. The Project Development required huge Commitment from all the individuals involved in it.
We are also indebted to Mr. Carlos Malison who has guided us throughout the Project Development. We are Thankful for the patience with which he stood by us till the end of our Project. We are very Thankful for her Bounteousness for standing by us in peak movements of the Project Development. We would also like to acknowledge all the staffs for providing a helping hand to in times of queries & problems. The Project is a result of the efforts of all peoples who are associated with the Project directly or indirectly, who helped us to Successfully complete the Project within the specified Time Frame. We would also like to Thanks all the Professors who helped us in developing the Project. Without their Courage & Support, the Project Development would have been Futile. It was only their building Support & Morale us in attaining the successful completion of the Project.

We would like to Thanks our colleagues for keeping our Sprits High while preparing the Project. Because of their Diligent & Hard Work, we wouldn’t have been able to complete the Project within the given Time Frame. We are Thankful to each & every people involved with us in this case study, their Encouragement and Support enabled the Project to Materialize &Contributed it to its success. We would like to express our Appreciation to all the people who have contributed to the Successful completion of the Project. With all Respects & Gratitude, we would like to Thanks to all the people, who have helped in the Development of the Project.

Table of Contents
Title Page
Approval Sheet
Table of Contents
Chapter IThe Problem and Its Background
A. Introduction
B. Problem Statement
C. Objective
D. Hypothesis
E. Significance of the Study
F. Scope and Delimitation
Chapter II Review of related Literature
A. Foreign Literature
B. Foreign Studies
C. Local Literature
D. Local Studies
Chapter III
A. Theoretical Framework
B. Conceptual Framework
C. Methodology
Chapter IV
A. Summary
B. Recommendation
Screen Layout
Screen Output
Source Code

The Problem and Its Background

Background of the Study

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The Computerized Registration...
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