Gun Laws Must Be Enforced

Topics: Firearm, Gun politics in the United States, Gun politics Pages: 5 (1811 words) Published: February 23, 2013
Gun Control Must Be Enforced
December 14, 2012, started out as normal day for elementary students in Newton Connecticut. Children were excited as Christmas holidays approach in eleven days and they were to begin their holiday break. Their lives and small community know as Sandy Hook would be forever changed only in matter of minutes. A young man named Adam Lanza walked into the school and killed over twenty students and six staff members and wounded two people. Every parent worst nightmare came true for the parents at Sandy Hook elementary school. The whole nation watch in horror as details began to emerge about the deadly shooting. Many questions arose surrounding the shooting and many people wandered if there were tougher gun laws enforced, would this tragedy happen. The shooting sparked the debate of gun control in America. Supporters of gun rights and non-supporters of this issue pointed fingers at each other but everyone agree on two issues. This tragedy should not have happen and something must be done about gun violence. Many Americans feel obligated to carry weapons because of the 2nd Amendment in the Bill of Rights. The 2nd Amendment reads like this:” A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed” ("The 2nd Amendment", 2012).The idea of bearing arms was not created by Congress but by indivuals being persecuted by a tyrant government and hostile Native Americans("The 2nd Amendment", 2012).During the Revolutionary War era, the British government recognize that the citizens would use their weapons to defend their families and land, so the British government commanded that all citizens lay down their weapons and that their weapons be confiscated("The 2nd Amendment", 2012). The colonists rebelled against the British government, and many battles resulted in when the colonists weapons where trying to be confiscated. After the war ended, the Americans still felt the need to be protected from the hostile Native Americans and many colonists did not trust the newly established government ("The 2nd Amendment", 2012). Thomas Jefferson wrote in the Declaration of Independence, that if the government failed to protect the people, which the citizens could overthrow the government and the government could be considered as the enemy (“The 2nd Amendment”, 2012). The citizens of America wanted assurance that they could be able to protect their land and families from external enemies and also the government. James Madison proposed the twenty amendments during the first congress and ten of them became law, these amendments became the Bill of Rights ("The 2nd Amendment", 2012). The gun control debate has intensified concerning the 2nd Amendment or what the 2nd Amendment actually means ("The 2nd Amendment", 2012). Some people have expressed that if guns were banned that the gun violence would drop. Many people feel that if guns would be eliminated, they would become victims to crime and some even believe that the government might turn on the citizens. The debate continues today as both sides of the issue argue their differences in court rooms and protests. Of the key points that supporters failed to mentation are that many victims of gun violence do not even carry a weapon. Incident bystanders and children are being killed every day by gun violence. The 2nd Amendment does not guarantee the safety of others and preventive gun violence. More preventive laws should be passing, so incident people are being protected. After the Sandy Hook massacre, many people began to explore the data related to gun violence. The United States leads the world in gun violence, and has the highest rate of gun ownership, gun homicide rate or total firearm-related deaths including suicides and accidents (Thomas & Lawrence, 2013). The statistics show that a firearm located in a household is likely to be used on a family member than a potential intruder...
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