Should Gun Control Laws Be Enforced

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  • Published : April 29, 2013
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I know you don't want to take guns away completely but you want us to register our guns. Do you want a criminal to know what you have in your home? No way! You are telling us what guns we are allowed to own. Worry about the criminals and mentally ill! Do you think criminals are going to register their firearms? The law-abiding citizens, the people doing the right thing will and you'll see more crime than before! Look at Washington DC and Chicago; both imposed strict gun laws and crime skyrocketed. Criminals will always get guns. If you make it harder for the law abiding citizens to get guns, you leave them defenseless. America was founded on freedom and liberty. I'm against any law that takes those away. I don't really live closed to a police station. Do I not have a right to protect my family? Does my wife not have the right to protect herself when I'm not home? The liberals have invented the term "assault weapons" to scared people. All semi-automatic firearms work the same: pull the trigger once and one bullet comes out. Some just look scarier then others. Sadly, we will never be able to stop mass killing. Guns are only one of the many different things criminals use. Drunk drivers kill far more people then firearms, but we don't try to ban cars or alcohol. You cant blame guns for the people's stupidity. Guns don't kill people, people kill people. I have two guns in my house and you don't see them go off by themselves and kill people now do you? No, you don't and do you know why that is? It's because they don't have a mind of their own the only way someone could get hurt by them is if I pulled the trigger myself.
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