Gun Control Law

Topics: Firearm, Gun politics in the United States, Gun politics Pages: 7 (2979 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Using of gun in our society by a non-law enforcement person should be restricted or reduced in other to reduce the rate of death through gunshot .I recently picked up a newspaper and turned on to see the news and I was curious about what is happening in our school and I begin to think whether our society is still a safe places for children. A series of tragic events in the past few decades have raised questions about whether gun control is necessary to stop horrific shootings. Recently there have been questions raised about a possible ban on assault rifles being reinstated. With the election of President Barack Obama, some that oppose that weapons ban are fearful of the impending changes in the law, The assault weapons ban that may possibly be reinstated in the coming years will infringe upon the rights of law abiding citizens to bear arms, and will not prevent criminals from using guns. Recent school shootings have set feared in many parents about their children’s safety in our schools. Since last couple of years, number of school shootings by students has occurred regularly. Since last year there have been fifteen different school shootings in which many student have died without any reason, “According to 1998 annual report on school safety, produced by the U.S. Departments of education and justice,6 percent of students ages twelve to nineteen reported fear of attack or harm at school” (Spitzer,72) . We have tried to examine gun violence in schools through the lens of the recent school shootings and explore the role and responsibility of parents, teacher and society as a whole in combating this frightening scourge. Who should we blame for this? Should we blame the parents, teachers, schools or our government? Before blaming anyone we must hear what two sides of gun control have to say. It is very wise to deliberate on a topic that has concerned all of us since last few years before making our decision. In doing so, we must answer series of questions. Very first question that arise in people’s minds after witnessing the horrible tragedies is should we have more gun control laws? Many of us differ on this issue. We have found lots of argument on this question. Proponents of more gun control laws feared that until stronger gun control measures are taken there will be future tragedies like horrors that took place at schools all over US. Research has proved that over 76% of Americans favored more gun control laws. On the other side people who are against more gun control laws argue that issue of guns is not really the problem. They said more gun control laws wouldn’t prevent future tragedies because people who are intended to harm people are less likely to obey them. Opponent of stronger gun control laws also believe that government laws on how to store guns and laws banning certain types of firearms deny the fundamental right of self- defense and violate the Second Amendment. Opponents think that stricter gun control laws will not work or stop the violence in the school. School violence is a hard thing to take control of. Gun control laws will not help to make our schools safer. The gun control laws might help some people to feel better and safe but it will not stop the person who intends to hurt someone. The Clinton administration has created stricter gun control laws, which will increase school safety, but the question is will these laws ultimately save the lives of the children in school? Guns are more available today than they were in the 1970’s and 1980’s and at that time school shootings were not prevalent as it is today, the attitude and violence mix together in the mind of the teenagers. Even if we put a slash on guns than there are other weapons that can kill and more readily available than guns, that can create violence in the schools. As for example, a student with a knife could kill several people before being disarmed. Bomb-making materials are readily available in stores and information on making bombs...
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