More Gun Control or Less?

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  • Published : March 12, 2013
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Anthony Johnson
Professor Robyn Coppedge
American Federal Government 1113
4 March 2013
More Gun Control or Less?
There are statistically 30,000 deaths each year due to guns, most of which are suicide. But how can the government prevent such tragedy? Their plan is to outlaw guns, but is that really the best solution? Some would argue that the problem be left alone, and that people would continue to kill, with or without guns. Whereas, others might argue that citizens should be encouraged to carry firearms, in order to protect themselves from a fatal threat.

There have been a few gun control fights throughout history, none of which being very effective. The problems with firearms that we face today are in fact tragic, and this gun control fight is indeed the largest the country has ever had. But looking back, there have been multiple murders and crimes committed every day since the dawn of America. And this fight for gun control, is it really the answer we seek? Or are we heading in the opposite direction? The problems with gun violence and controlling it are indeed very thoughtful subjects, and we all wish to end these tragedies and the problems that create them. Here, I am about to present two articles with two opposite perspectives on this subject.

Michael Schered wrote an article for Time magazine about more gun control called “The Next Gun Fight.” In his article, he explains how the government is working hard to reduce gun violence. He tends to agree with President Barack Obama by expressing that America does in fact need more gun control. Schered explains how this new gun fight has been more effective and quotes Vise President Joe Biden (after he just had a meeting over gun violence) by stating that, “Millionaires and billionaires were stepping forward. Gun-victim groups were organizing. Social-networking campaigns were being prepared. Celebrities had been recruited to carry the message.” Michael Schered summarizes his overall point with, “It will...
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