Stricter Gun Laws

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February 23, 2013
Persuasive Essay
Spring 2013

16 February 2013
Stricter Gun Laws
Stricter Gun Laws Aren’t the solution

We as people of America should not surrender our liberties out of fear. Indeed, it was right to pass stricter gun laws to prevent violence and death. However, by having these laws, there will be more crimes, broken laws, and it won’t stop violence from happening. Anything could be used as a weapon to hurt or kill someone. Criminals could create weapons from things found in local stores such as Home Depot, Lowes, or any other hardware store. By making weapons instead of purchasing, no one knows if he or she is creating a weapon or just using the tools for its intended purpose. People also buy chemicals off the internet to create bombs that can kill numerous amounts of people. Even by making guns illegal for citizens, this law won’t change a thing for criminals that make weapons to kill people. By taking away our rights to bear arms citizens are left with less protection. Guns aren’t the reason people are killed, it’s the criminals that use them. “You can’t blame the gun any more than you blame the car after a fatal accident… you punish the individuals.”(Sepcoski 2).

Security is a big issue that seems to fail every time there is gun and the reason for that is because we don’t think about the security. At Sandy Hook Elementary in Newton, Connecticut there was a big shooting inside the school from a person that had guns, and many people were killed. The killer walked right in the school with no problem and started picking off people. The question we should ask is where is our security at school? In high school there is always a cop keeping everything safe, why don’t we have that same protection at elementary schools? Government needs to focus on security in public places so there are less tragedies happening. People install push call buttons at gas stations and banks so police are notified there is an...
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