Guinness Market Segmentation

Topics: Marketing, Product differentiation, Market segmentation Pages: 5 (1545 words) Published: February 21, 2011
Marketing Assignment Two
Group Number: 15
Anna Marie Fahy 08003181
Aiden Esslemont 08406162
Barry Ensor 08371342

People who didn’t contribute: Ciaran Faherty 0763892
Tracey Fahy 0720422

As a group we have chosen to research and study the product Guinness and we researched there company website

Market segmentation is the process of dividing a market up into different groups in order to create different products to meet specific needs.  Guinness represents several layers of segmentation, youth, gender wealth and lifestyle. We feel that Demographic Segmentation is the most relevant to our chosen product Guinness. Demographic Segmentation divides the market into groups based on demographic variables such as age, gender, family size, family life cycle, income etc. Guinness use age segmentation by using very effective marketing campaigns which manly target the young male population. They do this because many younger people perceive Guinness as being their ‘Father’s beer’. Their campaigns are young fun and humorous and there s the constant message that Guinness s a uniquely challenging and rewarding beer. Gender Segmentation- although it may be argued we feel as a group that Guinness is primarily targeted at the male population Income Segmentation although Guinness don’t directly segment its product into different segments, Guinness beers are more expensive to the consumer because they target customers may be willing to pay more for what some pensive to be a distinctive taste – a taste which is more expensive to produce. Recently we seen at the Anther’s Day celebrations Guinness drop their prices which lead to the knock-on effect of consumers some who never tried the beer acquiring a taste for this product, therefore leading to a rise in sales. Although benefit segmentation is also quite relevant we feel Demographic Segmentation is the best approach as it bests demonstrates their target market and way of targeting their product towards them.

Q 2)
We feel Guinness is targeted towards male’s primary young males, with a sense of cosmopolitanism, but who are down to earth and fairly rowdy. Guinness has been around forever. The ads are humorous and fun and are targeted towards the young male - humorous, hip young hardcore drinkers. Guinness is a product with an acquired taste. The majority of Guinness sales are to a very small group of very loyal Guinness drinkers. But there is also a long tail of infrequent drinkers and those are the people i.e. young males who are generally are targeted by the Guinness marketing program. The best example of Guinness differentiating itself was its latest campaign, the recent Arthurs Day celebrations all over the world which we seen hundreds of students and tourists drinking pints of Guinness. Guinness also became the official bear of Irish Rugby which again targeted males of all ages who enjoy sports. This also portrays a good image and boosts its reputation for both the product and the company as a whole. We feel Guinness is targeting this market segment as young males make up the largest proportion of the beer drinking social market.

From our review of the Guinness website put together with our general knowledge of the product, Guinness has most definitely followed a differentiation and positioning strategy. Guinness is a unique and different product which we as a group found very interesting to research.

Differentiation is something every company seeks for its products. When a company differentiates its product from its competitors on the market, the company hence has that edge that one own able attribute that only they have. They differentiation needs to be defined. It must be clear cut. If it is blurred then the company will not see results and profits won’t be made. Guinness’ differentiation strategy we believe is its colour, its background and the perception of the product that they have portrayed to its consumers. As we all know Guinness...
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