Guide to Hardware 6e Ch 9-7 Questions

Topics: IP address, Private network, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Pages: 3 (731 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Class: CET1171 PC Service and Support IInstructor: Mr. Hudson Date: 4/20/2013

Chapter 7
Reviewing the Basics
1. Support, Service, Retail Associate, Bench, and Helpdesk Technician 2. Bench Technician
3. Patient, Positive/Helpful Attitude, Good Listener, Professional, Dependable 4. Try to resolve over the phone prior to making an appointment, at least address the problem 5. Let them know. Apologize and arrange new date and time 6. Start by stating your name, and then ask them to explain the problem to see if you can assist you. 7. Ask for permission first

8. Put everything back together the way it was and clean up any mess. Then explain to the customer what you did and what was malfunctioning after that verify that everything is working 9. Treat other as you would like to be treated.

10. No
11. Go over the basic questions and re-ask the customer so you can fix the problem. Ask the co-worker 12. Kindly ask them if you could use a local telephone to aid you in getting the repair done 13. Tell then who you are and who you work for. Then ask for their name and how may you help them. 14. Be specific With your instructions

15. Don’t argue with but find something that you can both agree on to ease and comfort the customer. 16. Be organized and know your limits with other fellow co-workers 17. To actually see how you talk over the phone and if you have the right personality traits to be successful as a help desk tech 18. To collect evidence, this includes exactly what, when, and from whom evidence was collected, the condition of this evidence, and how was the secured while it was in your possession. 19. To connect to TV cable boxes

20. To input to the PC using HDMO port, you can use a video capture card that has an HDMI input port. 21. CAD workstation
22. NVIDIA Quadro
23. 6
24. To provide a virtual desktop for users on multiple client machines Thinking Critically...
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