Gsm Based Control

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GSM Based Control System



GSM Based Control System 1.0 Introduction to Project

“GSM based Control System” implements the emerging applications of the GSM technology. Using GSM networks, a control system has been proposed that will act as an embedded system which can monitor and control appliances and other devices locally using built-in input and output peripherals.

Remotely the system allows the user to effectively monitor and control the house/office appliances and equipments via the mobile phone set by sending commands in the form of SMS messages and receiving the appliances status. The main concept behind the project is receiving the sent SMS and processing it further as required to perform several operations. The type of the operation to be performed depends on the nature of the SMS sent. The principle in which the project is based is fairly simple. First, the sent SMS is stored and polled from the receiver mobile station and then the required control signal is generated and sent to the intermediate hardware that we have designed according to the command received in form of the sent message.

We have selected a particular Nokia mobile set (Nokia 3310) for our project. The messages are sent from the mobile set that contain commands in written form which are then processed accordingly to perform the required task. A microcontroller based system has been proposed for our project. There are several terminologies that are used extensively throughout this project report.

GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications): It is a cellular communication standard.

SMS (Short Message Service): It is a service available on most digital mobile phones that permit the sending of short messages (also known as text messaging service).


GSM Based Control System 1.1 Background

The new age of technology has redefined communication. Most people nowadays have access to mobile phones and thus the world indeed has become a global village. At any given moment, any particular individual can be contacted with the mobile phone. But the application of mobile phone can not just be restricted to sending SMS or starting conversations. New innovations and ideas can be generated from it that can further enhance its capabilities. Technologies such as Infra-red, Bluetooth, etc which has developed in recent years goes to show the very fact that improvements are in fact possible and these improvements have eased our life and the way we live. Remote management of several home and office appliances is a subject of growing interest and in recent years we have seen many systems providing such controls.

These days, apart from supporting voice calls a mobile phone can be used to send text messages as well as multimedia messages (that may contain pictures, graphics, animations, etc). Sending written text messages is very popular among mobile phone users. Instant messaging, as it is also known, allows quick transmission of short messages that allow an individual to share ideas, opinions and other relevant information. We have used the very concept to design a system that acts a platform to receive messages which in fact are commands sent to control different appliances and devices connected to the platform. We have designed a control system which is based on the GSM technology that effectively allows control from a remote area to the desired location. The application of our suggested system is immense in the ever changing technological world. It allows a greater degree of freedom to an individual whether it is controlling the household appliances or office equipments. The need to be physically present in order to control appliances of a certain location is eliminated with the use of our system.


GSM Based Control System 1.2 Problem Statement

Technology has advanced so much in the last decade or two that it has made life more efficient and comfortable. The comfort of being able to take control of...
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