Anti Theft Control System

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  • Published : May 23, 2013
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Microcontroller Based Anti-theft Security System Using GSM Networks with Text Message as Feedback Abstract––Antitheft security system utilizes an embedded system design with Dual Tone Multi Frequency (DTMF) and a GSM to monitor and safeguard a car. It secures the car against theft. Upon activation, it automatically demobilizes the car by disconnecting the ignition key supply from the car battery. This now makes it impossible for anybody so starts the car, let alone moving with it. In an attempt of theft through the car doors or boot, the system sends text message to the car owner and at the same time starts up an alarm. This design popped out due to the increasing rate at which packed cars are stolen especially in our country, but with this design this packed car is being monitored irrespective of where it is packed, provided there is GSM network coverage. From the research conducted, it was found out that majority of the existing car security system uses only alarm, and doesn’t send text message to the car owner let alone of demobilizing the car. But with the use of GSM network, the owner is guaranteed that the car will send text message to his phone, and at the same time, have people around alerted of what is happening. Added to this is that the car will not be move because it has been demobilized. Keywords––Communication, DTMF, GSM, Networks, Microcontroller, Text message, Feedback. I. INTRODUCTION

In a situation where there is high level of theft, there is need for better security system. It is much safer to have a system that monitors and communicates to the device owner without putting human life to risk in the name of “Watchman”. This tends to utilize the availability of GSM network, mobile phone and electronics circuit to achieve an automated system which is programmed to work as a thinking device to accomplish this purpose. By simply dialling the phone number of the mobile phone attached to the circuit and sending a code after the phone has...