Growth of Online Consumerism in UK

Topics: Decision making, Retailing, Decision theory Pages: 6 (1956 words) Published: March 4, 2013
TOPIC:- The Growth Of Online Consumerism in UK

Understanding the customer behaviours should move along with customer expectations, customer requirements and their purchasing trend. Since there are several internal and external factors which impact the consumer buying decisions, the consumer buying process is multifaceted. These factors that influence the purchasing decision of an individual is manifested in the stages of consumer purchase behaviour as well as the type of buying behaviour the individuals possess. Because of the fact that a customer evaluates a product or service, it would be plausible to acknowledge the motivations that influence customers to the evaluation process. Particularly, understanding the customer buying behaviours is one of the most challenging aspects in marketing as it understands why customers do what they do or don’t. Acquiring this knowledge, however, is critical for marketers since understanding such sheds light on important things that buyers may consider as well as suggest important influences on consumer decision-making. The interests of the consumers are uphold in such a way that marketers will be able to design marketing campaigns aligned on consumer requirements. The factors that affect how the consumer makes decision is also complicated. Since every individual is different, it would be detrimental to formulate rules that explain how buying decisions are made. Why the consumers buy is perhaps one of the questions that yield many answers. Nonetheless, there are internal and external influences that could be associated with consumer buying behaviours. Internal influences include perceptions, knowledge, attitude, personality, lifestyle, roles and motivation. External influences, on the other hand, are culture, group membership and purchase situation. How both of these influences apply to online shopping is not yet known. Specifically, which among these individual buying influencers are applied in purchasing apparel products online is also not known. SIGNIFICANCE OF THE RESEARCH:-

This study will be a significant endeavour in gaining in-depth understanding of the behaviour and attitude of consumers when it comes to online shopping for apparel. This study will be helpful to online retailers as new recommendation of strategies could emerge from this research. This research will be also significant to online retailing research as it may unravel useful strategies for companies that belong in the online retailing and apparel industries. Moreover, this study will be an important contribution to a body of research online shopping and apparel e-tailing. The study is also significant to students as it may serve as useful reference for future researchers and those who will seek information about consumer attitudes and behaviour and online shopping. Overall, it may help boosts the growth of online consumerism research. The key problem that the research will address is in what ways and to what extent do consumer buying behaviours influence online shopping for apparel. A common knowledge is that more than 75% of United Kingdom residents had shopped online, and with clothing, accessories and shoes as one of the top three purchase categories. With this, the following research questions are formulated: 1) Among internal and external influencers, which among these influences consumer buying decisions of UK online shoppers most? 2) Why do these internal and external influences affect UK online shoppers?

This study encompasses issues on the consumer decision-making process with emphasis on the consumer buying behaviours. Consumer behaviours refer to the decision-making processes and actions involved in purchasing using a product. In order that online shopping companies could understand the consumer behaviour, there is the requirement to create the marketing mix which will give optimum utility to...
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