Growing Older and Wiser in the Work Place

Topics: Retirement, Mandatory retirement, Discrimination Pages: 4 (1110 words) Published: November 8, 2011
Growing Older and Wiser in the Work Place

September 18, 2011
Growing Older and Wiser in the Work Place

This week’s article was chosen to place the spotlight on the issue of discrimination in the workforce against Older Workers. We focused on some of the critical issues that should be considered before recruiting and employing older workers. How HR managers avoid litigation (legal action) in discrimination of older workers. Lastly we compared and contrasted the job expectations of workers. By looking at those three factors I choose articles that highlighted the companies that are doing well with the hiring of Older Workers. We have examined the negative impacts of the age discrimination and I wanted to research and speak about the companies that are leading the way an Older Worker friendly.

Can you Say Retirement

We spend the majority of or working lives waiting and wishing for the day we will retire. We dream of the trips we will take to different parts of the country. How we will visit our grandchildren more. Most importantly how we will not have to work unless we really want too. Well wake up and welcome to 2011. Those days are long gone for a large number of seniors over the age 60. If you look really closely you will see that the older worker in the job market can’t catch a break. Why is that? Is age discrimination the reason for so many older employees being out of work? Or maybe it’s too many baby boomers vying for jobs that traditional belong to the younger generation. Whatever the reason it still does not excuse the fact older adult need to work. The unemployment rate for those ages 55 and older rose to 5.9 percent in January 2009 (Brandon, 2009). That number has been rising since 1977. Older workers cannot afford to retire in this economy. Therefore they need employment opportunities just like everyone one else seeking to join the workforce. Let’s look at some the friendliest companies that understand...
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