Group Dynamics

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Chapter 8
Value – (Hollander) core component of a clustering of attitudes which direct behavior on a long range basic toward some goals in preference to others. Value has a more central quality, less subjected to the effects of situational change. It is a learned goal. Value (Laird et al.) is simply defined as the personal worth that someone puts on an object or idea. Teresita Lara’s unpublished masteral thesis (Ateneo de Manila University 1986) conducted changing value orientation through group dynamics. Here, findings are as follows: 1. Group dynamics seminar changes the value orientation of the participant on the following: a) From being individualistic to lineal or collateral

b) From being past oriented to becoming more present or future oriented

c) From being subjected to nature, to mastery over and with nature

d) From being to task orientation were significantly change by the group dynamics 2. Relational and time task orientation were significantly changed by the group dynamics. 3.Five months after the group dynamics seminar the changes in value orientation were still sustained at a significant level.

Teresita Lara – Changing value orientation through group dynamics unpublished MA thesis, Ateneo de Manila University 1986.

A. Choosing Aspect – It must be chosen freely, presence of alternative factors, effects must be considered.

B. Overtly Expressed – acted upon by the person and expressed repeatedly.

C. Prizing and Acceptance – must achieve his potentials and aspiration. Presence of commitment and publicity affirmed. Filipino values according to Lynch (1970) are essential for smooth interpersonal relationship.

Namely : Pakikisama, Go – Between and Euphemism
1. Pakikisama – refers to the yielding of a person to the “one of us” identification. 2. Go – Between – the need of mediator or facilitator 3. Euphemism – to be able to state the...
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