Cwdc Standards 1

Topics: Childhood, Young, Youth Pages: 4 (1360 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Standard 1
Understanding the principles and values essential to fostering children and young people. Principles & Values: A
Early experiences significantly impact later life.
Children learn from birth. The most significant brain development happens in the early years. Early education results from interactions between children and all adults who serve as their caregivers, including parents, relatives, baby sitters, teachers, and foster carers. Values inform or influence choices and action across a wide range of role and context. Successful evolution in culture, systems and practices across a diverse needs base. To be dependent partly upon on a shared philosophy and value base and this needs to be both practical and relevant to foster carers who have a core role to play in ensuring that each child is: safe, healthy, active, nurtured, achieving, respected, responsible and included and not excluded and to progress the Childs self worth and enhance the Childs or young person’s wellbeing. •Promoting the well-being of individual children and young people: this is based on understanding how children and young people develop in their families and communities and addressing their needs at the earliest possible time •Keeping children and young people safe: emotional and physical safety is fundamental and is wider than child protection as we have found to be in some placements. •Putting the child at the centre: children and young people should have their views listened to and they should be involved in decisions that affect them and what the child says needs to carry weight (age dependent) •Taking a whole child approach: recognising that what is going on in one part of a child or young person's life can affect many other areas of his or her life •Building on strengths and promoting resilience: using a child or young person's existing networks and support where possible or establish new support structures. •Promoting opportunities and valuing diversity: children...
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