Grid Computing- High Level Computing to Access Internet Facility

Topics: Grid computing, Globus Toolkit, Grid Security Infrastructure Pages: 8 (2100 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Grid Computing-High level computing to access Internet facility

Gaurang v.Lakhani,Nimesh V.patel,Prof.J.S.Dhobi
Department of Computer Science and Engineering(M.E.)
Government Engineering College, Modasa,
Gujarat Technological University,India

Abstract: Recently we are in the Internet world and everyone prefers to enjoy fast access to the Internet. But due to multiple downloading, there is a chance that the system hangs up or slows down the performance that leads to the restarting of the entire process from the beginning. This is one of the serious problems that need the attention of the researchers. So we have taken this problem for our research and in this paper we are providing a layout for implementing our proposed Grid Model that can access the Internet very fast.

Key words: Grid Security Interface (GSI), Global Access to Secondary Storage (GASS), Monitoring and Discovery Service (MDS), Globus Resource Allocation Manager (GRAM).

Grid Computing is a technique in which the idle systems in the Network and their “ wasted “ CPU cycles can be efficiently used by uniting pools of servers, storage systems and networks into a single large virtual system for resource sharing dynamically at runtime. Grid computing combines computers from multiple administrative domains to reach a common goal [1] These systems can be distributed across the globe; they're heterogeneous (some PCs, some servers, maybe mainframes and supercomputers); somewhat autonomous (a Grid can potentially access resources in different organizations).

Grid computing (or the use of a computational grid) is the application of several computers to a single problem at the same time -- usually to a scientific or technical problem that requires a great number of computer processing cycles or access to large amounts of data. According to John Patrick, IBM's vice president for Internet strategies, "the next big thing will be grid computing." [2] Although Grid computing is firmly ensconced in the realm of academic and research activities, more and more companies are starting to turn to it for solving hard-nosed, real-world problems.

Grid computing is emerging as a viable technology that businesses can use to wring more profits and productivity

out of IT resources --and it's going to be up to you developers and administrators to understand Grid computing and put it to work[4]. It's really more about bringing a problem to the computer (or Grid) and getting a solution to that problem. Grid computing is flexible, secure, coordinated resource sharing among dynamic collections of individuals, institutions, and resources. Grid computing enables the virtualization of distributed computing resources such as processing, network bandwidth, and storage capacity to create a single system image, granting users and applications seamless access to vast IT capabilities. Just as an Internet user views a unified instance of content via the World Wide Web, a Grid user essentially sees a single, large, virtual computer. Grid computing will give worldwide access to a network of distributed resources CPU cycles, storage capacity, devices for input and output, services, whole applications, and more abstract elements like licenses and certificates. For example, to solve a compute-intensive problem, the problem is split into multiple tasks that are distributed over local and remote systems, and the individual results are consolidated at the end. Viewed from another perspective, these systems are connected to one big computing Grid. The individual nodes can have different architectures, operating systems, and software versions. Some of the target systems can be clusters of nodes themselves or high performance servers.


The three primary types of grids and are summarized below:

A.Computational Grid

A computational grid is focused...
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