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Topics: Cloud computing, Information security, Security Pages: 14 (4964 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Bowie State University
Oladapo Akingbade


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This research paper tackles the issues that faces Cloud Computing today and gives the experts and industry’s point of view on the matter. The aspects explored are the significant industry questions that have risen about the use of Cloud Computing, business value, organization impact, adaptability, limitations, initial cost of implementation, and the severe business security risks due to centralization of resources. Brian Proffitt will argue in is IT World article [24], there are some serious limitations with cloud computing that is being blithely ignored such as bandwidth limitation, storage, and availability. Interviews conducted with colleagues that are experts in the Enterprise Systems network arena reveals that, the impact is all in planning before implementation, the selected architecture and the security policy. Findings in manuscripts and online libraries reflect that Cloud Computing is a technological revolution that provides computer resources as a service; offering flexible IT usage, computing efficiency through improved utilization and reduced administration and infrastructure costs. Users are not limited to applications confined to a computer, data stored to a hard drive, or bounded by the organization’s network. Also known as the sum of Software as a Service (SaaS) and Utility Computing, Cloud Computing is argued to be more efficient and scalable. My hope is to identify the common issues that face Cloud Computing in organizations that have implemented it, and find the answer or probable solutions.

Cloud security is an emerging sub-domain of network security, computer security, and information security. It entails policies, technologies, and controls that are employed to facilitate data protection, application security, and the protection of the entire infrastructure of cloud computing. Most businesses in the contemporary world are embracing the cloud computing technology to promote efficiency in the operations by lowering IT costs and optimizing IT operations. It is imperative for these firms to determine security issues associated with their cloud computing systems. The risks associated with cloud computing would only be evaluated effectively in cases where effective security systems are put in place. Maximum investments must be put in place to ensure that cloud security is prioritized and customers are able to get the required level of confidentiality even as they utilize the cloud systems. Organizations must ensure that their systems, applications, and data are secured through effective assurance of data security. It is significant to note that numerous security issues that are associated with cloud computing exist. These issues can be categorized into two significant broad categories for better explanation. The first category relates to security issues that are faced by cloud providers. Cloud providers refer to organizations that play the role of providing infrastructure as a service or software-platform.  The cloud provider must ensure that the infrastructure is secure and that their client’s applications and data are protected effectively. The client should always avert the security issues through the adoption of the current systems of technological protection of the cloud. Therefore, the entire matter of cloud computing security begins with the client and effective steps should be put in place to ensure the clientThe National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) defines it as: “A model for enabling convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources (e.g., networks,...
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