Greeting and Introducing Yourself and Others

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Greetings (more formal) * Good morning. * Good morning, Sir. * Good morning, Madam. * Good afternoon.  * Good noon/day. * Good evening. * Goodnight.Greetings (less formal) * Hello, how are you? / how are you doing? Very well, thank you. What about you? * Hello, how are you today? Hello, I’m fine, thank you. And you? * How is everything? * How’s everything going? * How have you been keeping? * I trust that everything is well. * Goodbye. See you soon/later/again/tomorrow/etc.Greetings (less informal) * Hi! * Hello! * Haven't seen you for ages. * Great to see you again. * Morning! * Afternoon! * Evening! * How are things? / How's things? * How's it going? * Fine / Great, thanks. / OK. / All right. / So-so. / Not too bad. / It could be worse. / Mustn't grumble. * Good to see you. * How’s life been treating you? * Take care.Greetings (more informal) * Hey! * Yo! * Cheers. (used by the British only) * Watcha! * Bye! See you! * Bye-bye.| Introductions (more formal) * Let me introduce myself. I am... * Allow me to introduce myself. My name is... * I would like to introduce you to... * May I introduce … to you? * How do you do? * Pleased to meet you. * It is a pleasure to meet you.Introductions (less formal) * I'd like to introduce myself. I'm... * Let me introduce myself. I'm... * I want to introduce you... * Jack, please meet... * Jack, have you met...? * I'd like you to meet... * Nice to meet you. * Happy to meet you. * Nice to see you.Introductions (less informal) * My name is... * What is your name? * This is… * Leila, this is Barbara. Barbara this is Leila. * How are you? Fine, thanks/thank you. You? * How’s your day? * Are you fine? * I’m okay. * I’m feeling great.Introductions (more informal) * I,m... * My name is... What’s yours? * It’s good to meet you. * What's...
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