Greener Pastures Case Study

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  • Published : February 6, 2013
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Case Analysis Synopsis
|Name: Sunchita Johri |Student Number: 0807880 | |Case # & Name: #2 – Greener Pastures |Date Submitted: October 17, 2012 |

|The three most important key facts in this case are: | |1: With top firms such as Scotts Co. and Ortho Chemicals controlling a total of 50% of the consumer market, it will be extremely competitive for HydroCan | |to compete with them. | |2: Because the condition of a golf course owner is the most important characteristic in a consumer’s selection of which course to play, they tend to be | |highly loyal to the brand. | |3: Two of the major concerns that golf owners have are shrinking profits and ground water pollution caused by the courses. Due to this, most owners are | |looking for a way to cut down on both water and fertilizer usage. | |The Main Problem / Task to solve/do is: | |The main problem was that HydroCan needed a way to decide what marketing strategy in terms of which market (commercial or consumer) they should target | |their new product towards. HyrdoCan must also keep in mind that whatever strategy they choose has to acknowledge the benefits that StaGreen could bring to | |each market....
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