Green Manufacturing

Topics: Environmentalism, Environment, Recycling Pages: 7 (2349 words) Published: April 6, 2009
{draw:frame} By: Latasha Jenkins March 10, 2009 Operations and Production Management (MGMT 403) Dr. Garsombke Abstract Green Manufacturing is a method of manufacturing that minimizes waste and pollution achieved through product and process design. It is also a method that supports and sustains a renewable way of producing products and/or services that do no harm to you or the environment. Green Manufacturing goals are to conserve natural resources for future generations. The benefit of Green Manufacturing is to create a great reputation to the public, saves useless cost, and promotes research and design. Green manufacturing has several processes to go through to keep our environment clean. Companies move from traditional end-of-pipe control new technologies. There are many manufactures that are continuously competing against each other. The manufacturing industry has become a very competitive industry. Because of increasing competition, the manufacturing companies have begun to create different ways to produce products. One of the “new and improved” methods of manufacturing is called green manufacturing. Green Manufacturing “involves the smart design of products, processes, systems, organizations, and the implementation of smart management strategies, that effectively harness technology and ideas, to avoid environmental problems before they arise” (National Academy of Engineering, 1997). In other words, companies are making “cleaner processes and products” to better the environment (Cattanach, 1995). The different hazards and wastes that are produced during manufacturing represent money that is lost and liability risks that are unnecessary. The elimination of these two factors will, in turn, increase consumer demand for green products, and the corporation will gain an advantage in the competing market because of your cleaner products. Introduction Green manufacturing is the name given to the process of reducing the consumption of energy and using ecologically harmless materials in the industrial production cycle. Green manufacturing is basically about making choices based on the environmentalconsequences on one’s decisions. This involves everything from minimizing waste to cutting toxic discharges, enhancing the efficient use of energy and limiting any unfavorableimpact on the natural environment. According to Larry Bliss, a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), green manufacturing is about reducing or eliminating any negative impact on the environment by a company’s facilities. He also states that green manufacturing includes looking for new ways to increase energy efficiency, creating healthier spaces for employees, minimizing site disturbance, and constructing with materials that are more beneficial to the environment. Green manufacturing has a huge significance in our economy today. Green manufacturing is needed in order to help make the planet/environment a more ecologically safe place. With global warming becoming a huge concern throughout the world, many companies are now considering green manufacturing. All though green initiatives are often associated with additional costs, many companies are discovering that what’s good for the environment is not necessarily bad for the budget. Designing and manufacturing a product that has the least impact on resources and the environment can also yield both economic and environmental benefits for the company. Green manufacturing is basically about manufacturing, producing, and selling goods that are environmentally friendly. It is also about changing or improving your company/business in a way that your business is also environmentally friendly. There are so many different ways, both expensive and inexpensive, to improve your business so that it is environmentally friendly. There are some people that would say green manufacturing compliance requires higher amount of money to operate a sustainable business as well as create value and future for the...
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