Green Case

Topics: Entrepreneurship, Sustainability, Marketing Pages: 4 (1444 words) Published: November 29, 2012
1. What factors contributed to Andrew Keller starting the biodiesel business? Were you surprised at the reasons he gave for starting the business? Do you think the decision to start the business was wise? Why or why not?

There were a number of factors that contributed to Andrew Keller starting the biodiesel business. Keller had always been concerned with the environment. He was interested in coming up with a greener alternative to home heating and fueling. This was a business venture that not many had taken on so Keller felt that it was a good opportunity. There were also some very personal reasons that Keller started this business. Through a phone call one day, Andrew and his wife found out that they would be taking in three children. Keller knew he needed to do something in order to support them and this is why he took on this venture.

Yes, some of his reasons he gave for starting the biodiesel business. I figured that his only reason for starting this business was to impact the Earth in a positive way. It was surprising to read the more personal reasons. I do feel that the decision to start the business was wise. Starting up this business caused him to take a huge risk but sometimes in life you have to do that. If you have a good idea, you need to just go with it because it can turn out to be really successful.

2. Discuss how Andrew Keller is a social entrepreneur. What do you think were his strengths in running the company? What do you see as his main weaknesses? Discuss an action that Andrew undertook that was both good for sustainability and the business. Discuss an action that Andrew undertook that may have been good sustainability but not good for the business.

Andrew Keller was not as fortunate financially compared to other entrepreneurs. To many people, the time of the year when Keller started the business may not look very smart but it actually was. Keller’s goal was to test the market and try to get early customers. He learned...
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