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BUSN 316 
Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship
3 Credit Hours 
8 Week Course
Prerequisite(s) : None|
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Course Scope| Course Outline|
Course Objectives| Policies|
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Course Materials| Selected Bibliography|
Instructor and Support Staff Information|
Instructor:          Debra Moody                     Phone:                804-272-3254
E-mail:             Table of Contents
Course Description|
BUSN 316 Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship (3 hours) 
This course focuses on the actual tasks and activities of the entrepreneur, from researching venture feasibility, to launching the venture, to managing growth. Covered are descriptions of real entrepreneurs in action, facing the challenges that entrepreneurs must deal with, and making good and even some not-so-good decisions. This study relates the excitement of the entrepreneurial adventure. Table of Contents

Course Scope|
Emphasis in this course will be placed on the different aspects of entrepreneurship. It will also provide the learner an opportunity to critically analyze several components which will challenge them to apply the key decisions that must be made by entrepreneurs to real world experiences. The ultimate objective of the course is to enable the learner to evaluate and to solve problems involving entrepreneurship and to effectively communicate their recommendations to others. Table of Contents

Course Objectives|
Upon successful completion of this course, the learner will be able to: 1. Define the meaning of entrepreneurship
2. Discuss how entrepreneurship fits into the business environment 3. Identify techniques and tools that can be used to research the feasibility of an entrepreneurial venture 4. Assess the steps in planning and organizing an entrepreneurial venture Apply techniques for managing cash flow and pricing for profit 5. Analyze the process used to launch an entrepreneurial venture 6. Illustrate how to manage the processes used in an entrepreneurial venture 7. Discuss how to manage people as a part of the entrepreneurial process 8. Explain how to manage the growth and other challenges that arise from an entrepreneurial venture 9. Demonstrate knowledge of the fundamentals of entrepreneurship 10. Reflect on learning during the course and provide feedback for course improvement Table of Contents

Course Delivery Method|
This Business Administration course delivered via distance learning will enable learners to complete academic work in a flexible manner, completely online. Course materials and access to an online learning management system will be made available to each student. Online assignments are due by the last day of each week and include Forums  (accomplished in groups through a threaded discussion board) and individual assignments (submitted for review by the Faculty Member). Assigned faculty will support the students throughout this eight-week course. Throughout this course, use the following daily schedule: Day 1 = Monday

Day 2 = Tuesday
Day 3 = Wednesday
Day 4 = Thursday
Day 5 = Friday
Day 6 = Saturday
Day 7 = Sunday
Table of Contents
Course Materials|
Entrepreneurship:  A Real-World Approach by Rhonda Abrams. ISBN: 978-1-933895-26-0 The textbook is an e-book, and is located in the Lessons section of the courseroom, arranged by weekly reading assignments.  (Note: All twenty chapters of this text are assigned reading and will be covered on the Assignments and Forums. There will be other materials, including Web sites outside the classroom, assigned by the Instructor) Software Requirements

Microsoft Word (if you don't have MS Word, please save all files a Text file (.txt) or a Rich Text Format (.rtf)  Adobe Reader -- Go...
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