New Venture Development and Management

Topics: Mobile phone, Entrepreneurship, Strategic management Pages: 4 (1174 words) Published: March 24, 2011
New Venture Development and Management

Ajay Bam Case Study

I. Introduction

Vayusa Company is a high-potential business which provides payment method through mobile phone. Inventor is Ajay Bam who earned an MBA degree in Entrepreneurship. I will use SWOT, PEST, Porter’s Five Forces analysis and Timmons’s quick screen in order to analyse Ajay’s business plan.

II. Body

Question 1: What is the opportunity presented in the case and what conditions (environment, industry, market) have created it?

Firstly, Ajay has opportunity to sign up for a four month international management internship in Munich. This help him to realise mobile phones are very popular in Western Europe. For example, people brought along with them 3 mobile phones in Munich. Therefore, Ajay got an idea that mobile applications were the next big thing in U.S Secondly, the market, United States, which Ajay want to penetrate into, is one of the most technological countries in the world. In addition, according to John, 2008, 84% American has mobile. Therefore, there are an opportunity for Ajay Bam to provide the mobile applications which are a wireless payment and loyalty solution. Moreover, the technology for a wireless payment and loyalty solution has already existed. This may make the investor believe that his product will be possible succeed in the market. Thirdly, Ajay actually had a good opportunity to jump into the United States market because at this time the political and economy in the United States was stable. Even though 9/11 tragedy, that time which affects the global economy, this country still could control the politic by their current government and this showed that the political in the United States still under control. Lastly, there are many good relationships which he had built, can help him in that period and the future as well.

Question 2: How would you assess the entrepreneurs(s) in the case? Do they have the skills, knowledge, experience, resources...
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