Great Exhibition

Topics: The Crystal Palace, The Great Exhibition, George Jennings Pages: 2 (447 words) Published: March 13, 2013
3. Why was the Great Exhibition of 1851 so important for Britain? (12)

The Great Exhibition was Britain on display to the rest of the world. It showed the rest of the world how superior Britain was in the many industries which British manufactures has been the first to develop, so showed off the best of Britain to the rest of the world which the British could be very proud of. Although Britain wasn’t perfect it focused on the best thing about Britain. The Great Exhibition didn’t only display Britain’s achievements but those achievements from the countries around the world so would have not only strengthened relationships with countries around the world it would have brought the countries together to celebrate their achievements. People came from all over the world to visit Britain and the Great Exhibition which would have meant hotels and restaurants would have benefitted. The visitors who came would have been given a good show, it would have shown them what Britain can do, for example how we make steel, this would have improved trade incredibly and would have had a good impact on our economy. Building the Great Exhibition would have required a great work force which would have meant there were more jobs, and when the Great Exhibition was built successfully and opened to the public it would have provided jobs. It would have benefitted of the business around the Great Exhibition such as shops and hotels as visitors, foreign and visitors from outer London, would have stayed in hotel and brought food from unofficial food sellers. 6 million people visited the Great Exhibition and thousands would have travelled by train which convinced railways companies that ‘excursion trains’ were a profitable venture. After 1851 and the Great Exhibition companies ran more and more excursion trains to more and more seaside towns and places of interest which would have encouraged seaside holidays which would have meant that hotels had to be built...
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