How Were British Political Parties Affected by the First World War by 1918

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  • Published : November 26, 2012
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How were British political parties affected by the First World War by 1918? The First World War affected all areas of Britain and its people, impacting the economy, industry and the role of its government amongst other things. I believe that the war was a terrible struggle for the British government, what with it being a total war, meaning it wasn’t just the soldiers who were fighting the effects of a world war. Bombs were dropped from 1914 on December 16th when a German warship killed 119 people in Scarborough; this would have been a deadly blow for civilian confidence in the government which would need to be rectified so as to not show how much they were struggling thereon afterwards. The damage being dealt to their country led the political world to realise that the war needed more organisation of British life, so a coalition government was formed in May of 1915 combining members of all parties to cope with the growing crisis that the war presented. The coalition was needed to help Britain get through and win the war; it was their main priority to keep the public happy, safe (as well as the army on the front line) and even more so to keep up morale on the home front. The coalition would show the public that action was being taken to protect the country, but one could also see this as a continuation of parties trying to earn popularity for future elections. By showing this level of commitment and dedication to the extent of joining together with rival parties and putting aside differences in ideals for the greater good, a decision like this would put the participating parties in good public opinion. This was a vital point for all parties alongside helping the country, they needed power to govern Britain after all and the way to gain power was to gain the British people’s trust and good opinion. The coalition also showed the public, as well as allies and enemies, that Britain was exceptionally strong by sticking together for the survival of the country and...
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