Great Dane

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Hi, I’m Linda Maxam, this summer I ended up inheriting a new puppy from my older brother. He ended up telling me she was a Great Dane. The first thing that ran through my head is oh man she is going to be huge, but in reality I didn’t have one clue about this amazing breed of dog. Growing Breed

Great Danes or the also known as the friendly giant is a growing breed of dog, by my examples you can tell that just in a couple months they start to get big. Giant Dog Breed
The Great Dane is one of the giant breed of dogs. They are tall and well-muscled without being heavy. Their appearance is often described as aristocratic or majestic. Many people get Great Danes confused with the large breed of dog. They are a giant breed of dog. With this confusion in people it becomes very hard to find proper dog supplies such as: Dog pillow, Crate, and Dishes. Puppy food

As a puppy right away you think puppy food. Great Danes on the other hand, that’s a big NO! •High intake of calcium is associated with various bone diseases in Great Danes. Diets high in protein also increase the growth lameness tendencies for large dogs. Most breeders recommend that no vitamin or mineral supplement (other than Vitamin C) be given Great Danes Myths

: I need a one-acre yard to exercise a Great Dane
BUUUUZZZZZ! I’m sorry you’re wrong! A brisk 30-minute walk once a day will do, it is recommended that you do NOT jog with a Great Dane until they are at least 18 months old (they grow so much so fast that continued strain of this kind could lead to development problems).. Danes are the epitome of couch potatoes. Danes are more suited for apartment dwelling. Many live very happy lives with no more than a side-fenced yard for potty breaks. Because of their low energy level. . He’ll eat me out of house and home.

a full-grown Great Dane eats less than an active German Sheppard, Lab, or Border Collie.

Great Danes are “Outside Dogs”.
Great Danes have the same fur...
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