Marley and Me

Topics: Labrador Retriever, Dog, Marley & Me Pages: 2 (580 words) Published: March 25, 2013
Marley & Me – Book Review

Marley has got to be the most disobedient and destructive Labrador retriever on the planet. The book is called “Marley & Me” it is John Gorgan’s autobiographical book. Even if your not a dog person this book will have you intrigued, and page after page you will be sitting at the edge of your chair desperately what Marley the naughty dog is going to do next.

Jen and John Grogan are a recently married couple, who decide on getting a dog as an insight to parenthood. But they haven’t chosen any ordinary dog they have chosen the worst dog in the world but they wouldn’t have it any other way. Marley is a 45kilogram Labrador Retriever who grew from being a cute little puppy to a crazy giant. He isn’t only huge but he is also the most destructive dog he goes from crashing through doors and walls to destroying carpet, eating jewelry, tearing up furniture and chasing poodles. He also eats way to much as a matter of a fact he eats endlessly he eats bags and bags of kibble every single day. But through the unconditional love that Marley has for his family his energy is endless, and as for his love and loyalty it has no boundaries.

John, Jen and Marley go through some crazy adventures one of the funniest is when Marley is expelled from obedience school. Another unusual story was when Marley is cast into a film as the ‘typical family dog’. After a full day of filming a short less than 20-second clip, the only thing that Marley has successfully achieved is destroying his leash and ruining the set. Another hilarious memory that the family went through was when they decided to go out for dinner outside of their town. When Marley is tied and secured to the bottom of an iron dining table drinks are served. This is when it all goes wrong Marley has sight of another dog and shoots of a million miles and hour chasing the innocent little animal. But that's not exactly the worse part, the worse part is when we realize that Marley has taken...
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