Graphology: The Investigation of Handwriting

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Graphology is the investigation of handwriting. The investigation, in many instances, is intended as an analyzing of a person’s writing with the goal to provide a behavioral profile. Graphology can be used as a test, to prove a theory, or as a preliminary method for personnel placement in many organizations (personality profile).

Graphology was considered to be a controversial method of personality evaluation for more than a century. Psychologist who supported graphology in the medical field as a method to diagnose and track diseases of the brain and nervous system as a way to gain information about physical, mental, and emotional states. However, a proportionally equal number of psychologist do not support graphology as a method to diagnose any physical, emotional, or behavioral and view the process as simply the study of handwriting.

Graphology is used as a reliable resource in criminal cases, business compatibility, marital compatibility, and jury screening. Although it is practiced in many parts of the world for a variety of reasons, there is not any scientific proof that the interpretations are correct and there is not any reliable methodology for how the process is implemented. Graphology Validity and Rationale

Graphology can be considered scientific research. In order for scientific research to have successful results, the research must have either five or seven steps. The steps begin with the formation of a problem. Graphology must have a defined reason before the process is used for any reason. The scientific research will ask a question, gather information, form a theory, collect and sort data, analyze the date, interpret the data and present the final results. The graphology methods, as a serious procedure, must conclude with information that has reasonable rationale and solid validity. Validity refers to the degree to which evidence and theory support the understanding of test scores involve by proposed uses of tests. Graphology in the Business World

In the corporate world, it is important to have the right person I the right job. Many human resource departments include handwriting analysis (graphology) to help with employee screening. Although handwriting analysis is not the only method of employee screening, human resource departments include this as a method to determine characteristic traits and personality mannerism. A corporation may require the handwriting analysis to assure that the person being hired will fit in with the current organizational culture and that the person will perform the work assigned to the satisfaction of the manager. Corporations often consider that the results of handwriting analysis will determine if the applicant will be good at the job, can be left alone to complete the work without constant supervision, and if the applicant is well suited for a desk job. It is likely that the graphology method is used in corporations when considering promotions or even terminations. The method can also be used as a tool in job analysis or job satisfaction surveys.

In the field of psychology, graphology (handwriting analysis) fulfills the need to evaluate perception and thought processing. Behavioral traits can be tested and explained through graphology. Industrial/Organizational psychologists often seek consultation by a certified graphologist because this consultant understands the over 300 different handwriting features and the interpretation by an expert who is able to see the writer with true value.

Graphology is also a valuable tool in the field of ccriminology. The handwriting analysis can be used as character analysis or as forensic analysis. The field of criminology can be compared for proof of fraud or for studying human nature of both victims and criminals.

Compatibility studies use handwriting analysis to verify well-matched marriage partners, business partners, and even sports teams....
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