Grand Jean Case Study

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Answer no. Case 1 Grand Jean Company
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Description from the company’s overall goals,
What is the purpose company with the overall goals and 25 divisional marketing manager implementing manufacturing? In the case of 4-6 (grand jean Co.) that describes the company as a whole has the main goal is profit oriented, namely to provide a fashion product (jean) with how to produce various kinds of jean model by increasing the production capacity on the principles of efficiency, the speed and savings (time, effort and cost) in the production process. This is the goal factory made for the benefit of – the size of the. So the purpose of the company as a whole is different from the marketing division who have to work hard to master the market with models marketing, because the company put the division as a marketing profit center (the center of income), in other words the market becomes the spearhead of sale product companies (with estimates using marketing as a determine the basic unit of sales). Because the company that operates a benchmark to measure the performance of marketing with the view that the target achieved in the product sales. Also vary with the manager to-25 production, which is the purpose of managers is how to keep the production in order to meet market demand (in accordance with the estimated marketing) with the speed and saving both time, cost and effort because it is made by the company whether the size the performance of managers – the managers are good managers or not, if quick and sparing the company’s size means that the manager will get a good predicate, so vice versa. 2. Evaluation for the implementation of management and control Strength (strength)

1. Grand Jeans has 25 manufacturing executive with 20 contractors a reliable and proven for 30 years working together to make pants 2. The marketing department has 5 under field marketing vice president who works for the basic jeans, jean boy’s, men’s casual jeans, dress shirt and...
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