Grammar Test

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1) I’m busy at the moment. ~ on the computer.
a) I work b) I’m work c) I’m working
d) I working
2) My friend ~ the answer to the question.
a) is know b) know c) knowing d) knows
3) I think I’ll buy these shoes. ~ really well.
a) They fit b) They have fit c) They’re fitting d) They were fitting 4) Where ~ the car?
a) did you park b) did you parked
c) parked you d) you parked
5) At nine o’clock yesterday morning we ~ for the bus.
a) wait b) waiting c) was waiting
d) were waiting
6) When I looked round the door, the baby ~ quietly.
a) is sleeping b) slept c) was sleeping
d) were sleeping
7) Here’s my report. ~ it at last.
a) I finish b) I finished c) I’m finished
d) I’ve finished
8) I’ve ~ made some coffee. It’s in the kitchen.
a) ever b) just c) never d) yet
9) We ~ to Ireland for our holidays last year.
a) goes b) going c) have gone d) went
10) Robert ~ ill for three weeks. He’s still in hospital.
a) had been b) has been c) is d) was
11) My arms are aching now because ~ since two o’clock.
a) I’m swimming b) I swam c) I swim d) I’ve been swimming 12) I’m very tired. ~ over four hundred miles today.
a) I drive b) I’m driving c) I had been driving d) I’ve driven 13) When Martin ~ the car, he took it out for a drive.
a) had repaired b) has repaired c) repaired d) was repairing 14) Janet was out of breath because ~
a) she’d been running b) she did run c) she’s been running d) she’s run 15) Don’t worry. I ~ be here to help you.
a) not b) will c) willn’t d) won’t
16) Our friends ~ meet us at the airport tonight.
a) are b) are going to c) go to d) will be to
17) ~ a party next Saturday. We’ve sent out the invitations. a) We had b) We have c) We’ll have d) We’re having
18) I’ll tell Anna all the news when ~ her.
a) I’ll see b) I’m going to see c) I see d) I shall see 19) At this time tomorrow ~ over the Atlantic.
a) we flying b) we’ll be flying c) we’ll fly d) we to fly 20) Where’s Robert? ~ a shower?
a) Does he have b) Has he c) Has he got d) Is he having
21) I ~ like that coat. It’s really nice.
a) am b) do c) very d) yes

Questions, negatives and answers

22) What’s the weather like in Canada? How often ~ there?
a) does it snow b) does it snows c) snow it d) snows it
23) Which team ~ the game?
a) did it win b) did they win c) won d) won it
24) What did you leave the meeting early ~? – I didn’t feel very well. a) away b) because c) for d) like
25) Unfortunately the driver ~ the red light.
a) didn’t saw b) didn’t see c) no saw d) saw not
26) You haven’t eaten your pudding. ~ it?
a) Are you no want b) Do you no want
c) Don’t want you d) Don’t you want
27) I really enjoyed the disco. It was great, ~?
a) is it b) isn’t it c) was it d) wasn’t it
28) Are we going the right way? – I think ~.
a) indeed b) it c) so d) yes

Modal verbs

29) The chemist’s was open, so luckily I ~ buy some aspirin. a) can b) can’t c) did can d) was able to
30) Susan has to work very hard. I ~ do her job, I’m sure. a) can’t b) couldn’t c) don’t d) shouldn’t
31) We had a party last night. ~ spend all morning clearing up the mess. a) I must have b) I’ve been to c) I’ve had to d) I’ve must 32) There was no one else at the box office. I ~ in a queue. a) didn’t need to wait b) mustn’t wait

c) needn’t have waited d) needn’t wait
33) ~ I carry that bag for you? – Oh, thank you.
a) Do b) Should c) Will d) Would
34) I’ve lost the key. I ought ~ it in a safe place.
a) that I put b) to be putting c) to have put
d) to putting


35) We can’t go along here because the road is ~.
a) been repaired b) being repaired c) repair d) repaired 36) The story I’ve just read ~ Agatha Christie.
a) was written b) was written by
c) was written from d) wrote
37) Some film stars ~ be difficult to work with.
a) are said b) are said to c) say d) say to
38) I’m...
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