Grafitti: Art or Crime?

Topics: Art, Graffiti, Street art Pages: 2 (825 words) Published: November 23, 2012
New life brings new art.

“Graffiti is writing or drawings scribbled, scratched, or sprayed illicitly on a wall or other surface in a public place “, says Wikipedia. This kind of drawing exists since human started drawing. Examples of first graffiti drawing were found in the walls of Pompeii and Catacombs of Rome, and considered as an art form. However, modern graffers usually are being sent to jail for drawing on public walls. Graffiti is not an art form anymore, now it’s a crime. If you ask people around you if they think graffiti is an art or vandalism, you can find out that there is no equal division between for and against answers. Moreover, there are people who will consider graffiti as an art and as a crime in the same time, depending on where those were drawn. Graffiti itself is an art form, though. It is the fact that is drawn in the properties of others without permissions that makes graffiti considered as vandalism. There are some evidences that prove that graffiti is an art form, such us: its own unique features, its division into different forms of art- drawing and writing, and its own particular meaning. What makes graffiti an art form? Each kind of art: music, paintings, literature, uses its own certain techniques that make each one of them special. Graffiti as one of the street art forms uses special materials for drawing, it has certain techniques how to draw and the overall outcome of graffiti drawing differs from any other form of art. Graffers use spray paints, markers and other tools for their drawing. Moreover, it needs a lot of preparation, certain drawing skills, creativity to make a really good graffiti drawing. Some of these drawings are considered as masterpieces. Certain famous graffers even have their own street exhibitions, which is becoming really popular nowadays. There are also graffers who earn money from drawing legally on the walls of buildings or tagging some commercial buildings, in other words...
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