Grade and Grading Curve Scenario

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New Perspectives excel 2010
Tutorial 10: Case Problem 1
High Desert University

Define a scenario
View scenarios
Edit a scenario
Create a scenario summary report
Find an optimal solution using Solver
Activate Solver
Set up Solver to find a solution
Create a Solver answer report
Save and load Solver models

Project overview
Professor Karen Reynolds teaches calculus at High Desert University in Tempe, Arizona. The class has 220 students who are distributed among dozens of sections and discussion groups. Professor Reynolds wants to use Excel to determine the appropriate cutoff points for her grading curve. Generally, she wants to set the cutoff points so that the following distribution of grades is observed in the student body: F 5%

D 10%
C 35%
B 35%
A 15%
Professor Reynolds has five possible grading curves. For example, in Grading Curve 1, she will assign As to test scores from 80 to 100. She wants you to evaluate each grading curve scenario and determine which one results in a distribution of grades closest to her proposed distribution. After you choose which of the five scenarios fits the data the best, she wants you to use Solver to determine whether there is a grading curve that is even closer to the desired distribution of grades.

NP_Excel2010_T10_CP1a_FirstLastName_1.xlsx (Note: Download your personalized start file from

Open the file NP_Excel2010_T10_CP1a_FirstLastName_1.xlsx and save the file as NP_Excel2010_T10_CP1a_FirstLastName_2.xlsx before you move to the next step. Verify that your name appears in cell B4 of the Documentation sheet. (Note: Do not edit the Documentation sheet. If your name does not appear in cell B4, please download a new copy of the...
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