Gordons Health Functional Pattern

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1. Gordon’s Functional Health Patterns


The patient’s condition greatly affects his health perception and management. He cannot perceive if it were already deteriorating and complicated. Because of his illness’ he cannot recall or give importance to his health status. Management of his health relies solely to his caregiver and family.


Mr. S. V.’s typical food intake includes soft foods because he cannot have dentures and has difficulty of chewing his meal but eats his meals 3 times a day. He doesn’t finish his meals according to his caregiver but does eat mammon when he is hungry and also can drink only up to 4 to 5 glasses a day

Furthermore, he was in low sodium diet as prescribed by his physician.


Mr. S. V.’s bowel elimination pattern were usually 1x in every 3 days with a brown in color and would sometimes be constipated. With regards to his urinary elimination pattern, he voids 3x a day with a light yellow urine color. Also, caregiver notices problems with patient’s bladder control.


Mr. S. V’s caregiver stated that because of the clients illness and its age the client experiences insufficient energy and fatigue in performing his daily activities but always attends the morning exercise and do simple exercise on the upper and lower extremities by means of shaking and stretching. The caregiver assumes responsibility even with the patient’s simplest activities of daily living such as changing his clothes and grooming. The patient is dependent to a caregiver in his tasks.


According to his caregiver, the patient has been a widow for some time already. The exact year unrecalled/unknown. His children takes care with his expenses and are the one who supports his medical needs. With his...
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