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  • Published : March 1, 2013
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Critique of: Trying to do my best as a mother: Decision-making in families of children undergoing elective surgical treatment for short stature (Daniel, Kent, Binney and Pagdin, 2005) In this critique I will evaluate the good and bad points the above mentioned research. I will go through step by step in each section of the study, by starting the process with the research question, design, the method used to conduct the study. I will also go through the result and a discussion. At the end I will make a conclusion and give some suggestions. The research was about to explore how difficult is for being a mother and make a decision on their children’s life. The study answered the report question by giving a very good brief knowledge about the health issue (achondroplasia) what they need to deal with, and how to prepare their child for the operation by letting them to decide whether they want to have their operation done or not. The study justified the author`s had a good rich information of the health issue and they mentioned relevant background studies. They briefly described other type of illnesses and talked about what to keep in mind within a social-cultural context if someone has to deal with an illness. Appropriate background studies were mentioned about emotional decision making in life threatening situations, in a child`s point of view. The epistemological underpinnings are well described although I would mentioned a few studies about how mothers felt when they had to make a decision over their child`s life. Also a little bit more knowledge on the theoretical background would be nice. All the participants were selected who that time elected to surgical leg-lengthening treatment. All participants were Caucasian with English mother tongue. Authors choose to interview mother s as usually mothers are the primary caretakers and they attend to hospital appointment. Researcher made a sensible decision by selecting only mothers as they could...
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