Google to Hire More Than 6,200 Workers This Year

Topics: Google, Employment, Productivity Pages: 8 (2789 words) Published: February 1, 2013
Executive Summary:
The world Internet’s most profitable company, Google Inc. is planning to hire more than 6,200 workers in this year, about one-fourth of its total work force and it is going to be the largest expansion of work force that Google has ever made. This decision was made because Google CEO Eric Schmidt plans to bolster the economy of the U.S by fulfilling the concern of the need for more jobs in the President’s State of the Union address. While creating more employment opportunities, some concern about the Human Resource issues were involved. Google’s plan of hiring more than 6000 employees will cost Google more; this includes new employees’ wages, the recruitment cost, and the costs of training for the new employees to adapt to Google’s working environment. Secondary, when work force is increased by 25%, this raises the question if the additional employees will actually increase the productivity of Google as a whole. This concern questions if the additional employees will worth the costs and the outcome of the performance quality of employees. Also, when it comes to the hiring process, can Google hold a standardized screening and selection process put in place in order to allow a fair and effective process? Last but not least, there are concerns about the workplace environment on how they will incorporate these new members into its existing environment and question that whether Google will be able to maintain and extend its current environment into the new offices. For recommendation, if Google is planning on recruiting and training over 6000 new employees and needs to do this the most cost efficient way, they need to find the best and most appropriate candidates to move through the recruitment process. By Google increasing work force significantly by 25%, Google has to take care of every employee, including the old experience one, to make sure all employees are satisfied about their job and their importance to the company, and give out the best performance. As Google tries to expand its work force, recommendations for the selection process would be to have well-organized and structured interviews with groups and develop strict guidelines on the requirements. This would save time and easier to eliminate the unqualified people. As Google’s perspective on performance management is, employees will be most productive, creative and motivated when they are being well taken care of. Google has to give employees the best working environment that feels like home (comfortable, unstructured, and no pressure). The following paragraphs are going to discuss these issue specify.

Google’s Training and Recruitment
Google’s plan to hire more than 6000 employees will cost Google not just the new employee’s wages but the recruitment costs and costs of training to prepare the employees for the Google working environment. Recruitment is the task of searching out and attracting qualified job applicants; beginning with identifying the position and is completed when the company receives an adequate number of applications (Dessler, G. & Cole, N. 2011). Google plans to hire all new employees through external recruitment. External recruitment involves either hiring outsourcing or using their internal human resource management department to develop strategies and job descriptions, advertise, create job criteria, conduct interviews and tests, and contact the candidates of success or failures. Using Google’s human resource management (HR) department will make Google responsible for all the variable costs. Advertising costs are variable based on how many ads they want to publish and on what media. For example, an ad in the classified area of a newspaper could cost $200-$500 per listing (depending on the newspaper), and Internet postings cost $300-$500 per listing. Hiring an agency to create and manage these ads cost 12-20% of annual compensation. Google will also have to pay the HR professionals for their time to understand...
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