Google Marketing Plan

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Google Inc. Marketing Case Study Analysis

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Prof. Paul Guyette BUS 689: Marketing Strategy & Policy Rivier College May 06, 2007

Industry Background Search engine companies haven’t been around for very long with most of them coming into existence in the mid 1990’s. Many of these companies are already gone or in a state of gobbling each other up to compete with the bigger companies. Yahoo seems to be the grandfather of the currently existing crop starting in 1994. The growth in Internet usage and the amount of data being made available has made accurately and quickly finding that data more important. The search companies and search engine strategies have become very important to webmasters and company marketing strategies due to the desire of companies to have their products and services appear at the top of the list and on the most used search sites. The methodologies that a company uses for searching is highly confidential. Some search companies get its search crawler data from Google, for instance Yahoo did this for a while and now AOLSearch is “enhanced” by Google. The companies earn their money in a variety of ways but primarily it is paid advertising that is the bread and butter of this industry. Google, Inc. Background Google Inc. has gone from literally a garage company started in 1998 by two Stanford University computer science graduate students, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, to a forward thinking firm that employs over 10,000 people today. The two actually met in 1995 and began formulating their initial ideas on searching which they tried to sell. When no interest was garnered for it, they decided to form Google and presented their search methods at a World Wide Web conference in 1998 and by 1999 had $30 million in funding from a variety of means. Google went public in 2004 raising $1.6 billion. Google is so “big” it has become a new word in the English language meaning; to search for information on the Internet, esp. using the Google search engine. Google views the internet as a means for sharing all the world’s data and to allow users an easy and fast mechanism to access this data is its primary function. They see data in any form and every form and if that data is not currently digitized, they are working to make it so. Data can be from satellite transmission, national archives, patent information, libraries, video, radio, images, telephone, and the internet. They have made data searchable from a website, from your computer, from an intranet, and on the internet. The internet is a geographically borderless environment to them. They continually win awards and large scale recommendations for doing things the right way. They are also well known for keeping their sense of humor even as they grow large such as the website discussion of jobs available on Googlunaplex ( They also use this sense of humor through some search results by displaying obvious joke data such as driving directions to England from USA include jump in Atlantic Ocean and swim across. Google forms a lot of partnerships with companies outside of its core business area that are enhanced by its search engine algorithms. This gets them into a lot of hardware and software systems and provides many outlets for exposure of their revenue producing products. In addition to these numerous partnerships, it outright purchases a lot of companies also. It is currently a real power house making record breaking purchases of other companies such as YouTube in 2006 for $1.65 billion. Google earns its money from a variety of means. AdWords – search based advertising space, Adsense – a context based advertising service, customized searches for businesses, selling crawler data to Google network partners. Marketing and Business Situation Assessment Google sees information gathering with a perspective of it being; personal, large and small businesses, nonprofit and educational. Google tends to make...
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