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  • Published: February 16, 2013
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Will Google Chrome continue its dominance in the browser market?

Carnegie Mellon University
December 14, 2012

Ishaan Viegas

The newest browser on the market has definitely acquired instant favoritism and is counting! Google Chrome, launched in late 2008 has made a remarkable position for itself in the last 4 years. Chrome is a free, open source browser developed by Google Inc. and has grasped the maximum browser usage. The top players in market such as Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Mozilla’s Firefox stand as Chrome’s competitors along with Opera and Apple Safari. My paper attempts to answer the question: Will Google Chrome continue its dominance in the browser market? I’ve tried to analyze this question keeping in mind Google’s launching, its recent developments and it’s work further with the aid of concepts like market envelopment, lock-in, and cross-side network effects and so on. Google moved into the browser market recently and gained instant success. If it continues on this note and steadily gains market share for Chrome we will soon witness platform envelopment in the browser market. The browser market is a two sided market comprising of developers and end users. The browser then should satiate the browsing needs of both parties involved as a high cross-side networking effect is present here. This paper tries to assess how Google and its competitors view this issue and the steps they take to win the race. The paper assesses the rise of a novice browser against the decline of a more experienced one. Technology is becoming pervasive and the world is accepting only the best. Demands are increasing and Google’s penetration in the market to satisfy these demands is largely conspicuous. The paper attempts to derive the most suitable conclusion based on the history of various browsers, strategies employed to remain in the market and the further steps taken as to which browser now will continue its dominance in the...
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