Google Adwords: Don't Spend More, Spend Smarter

Topics: Click fraud, Google, AdWords Pages: 2 (468 words) Published: May 4, 2012
Google Adwords – Don't Spend More – Spend Smarter!

Most of the clients who come to Website DNA for a Google Adwords Management service are not new to Google Adwords. Most have actually had a Google Adwords Account, used it for their company website, but have found it costly and very disappointing.

The truth of the matter is that they thought they were saving costs by setting it up and running the account themselves. How wrong could they be - the typical account would receive a low click-through rate, a high cost per keyword and poorly positioned Adwords with no variations. To cap it all they would be receiving click-throughs from locations around the world where they had no intention of carrying out any business!

Google Adwords, when used correctly, can be a very effective marketing tool. You can focus precisely on your target market by creating the correct language, geographic settings, correct keywords and mange the budget on a daily basis. You can connect with both companies and individuals looking precisely for the products or services you provide and yet, you never even knew that that these prospective customers existed.

Unfortunately for most business owners the correct keywords can be quite elusive. They are often too close to their business to recognise what they prospective customers actually use when searching for their specific type of product or service. Moreover its not worth guessing what they keywords are when a professional can statistically check which keywords are used and how often. Making sure the correct keywords is vitally important as otherwise you can accumulate a large cost with limited return by focusing on the wrong keywords.

The Google Adwords that are created need to worded so that they relate to both the keywords and the landing page to be used on the website. Furthermore the Google Adwords need to concise, engaging and persuasive – all within a limited size structure. Also single Adwords limit your results and your...
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