Good Housekeeping

Topics: Cleanliness, Occupational safety and health, Hygiene Pages: 2 (427 words) Published: June 23, 2011

Standard Operating Procedure: Good Housekeeping: Maintenance Yards

I. Introduction and Purpose This SOP contains the basic practices of good housekeeping to be implemented at maintenance yards including maintenance activities at ancillary operations at Ramapo College. The purpose of this SOP is to provide a set of guidelines for the employees of Ramapo College for Good Housekeeping Practices at their maintenance yards including maintenance yards at ancillary operations. II. Scope This SOP applies to all maintenance yards including maintenance activities at ancillary operations in Ramapo College. III. Standards and Specifications (General)  All containers should be properly labeled and marked, and the labels must remain clean and visible.  All containers must be kept in good condition and tightly closed when not in use.  When practical, chemicals, fluids and supplies should be kept indoors.  If containers are stored outside, they must be covered and placed on spill platforms.  Keep storage areas clean and well organized.  Spill kits and drip pans must be kept near any liquid transfer areas, protected from rainfall.  Absorbent spill clean-up materials must be available in maintenance areas and shall be disposed of properly after use.  Place trash, dirt and other debris in the dumpster.  All refuse containers and dumpsters on campus should remain covered and not leaking.  Collect waste fluids in properly labeled containers and dispose of them properly.  Establish and maintain a recycling program by disposing papers, cans, bottles and trash in designated bins. IV. Standards and Specifications (Salt and Deicing Material Handling)  During loading and unloading of salt and de-icing materials, prevent and/or minimize spills. If salt or de-icing materials are spilled, remove the materials using dry cleaning methods. All collected materials...
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