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Analysis of an Issue Essay Outline—Two Choices
I.                   Introduction

"The question of whether [restate the topic in your own words—for example, 'schools should be responsible only for teaching academic skills and not for teaching ethical and social values'] is complex and the answer requires careful consideration.  I believe, however, that [the side you choose] offers greater benefits, principally because of [give your reasons]."  

II.                First body paragraph
"One compelling reason to support [the side you choose] is [first reason].  This factor is important because [explain why].  For example, [give an example].  "  
III.             Second body paragraph
"Another consideration that has shaped my choice to support [the side you choose] is [second reason].  This idea carries great weight since [explain why].  For instance, [give an example]."  
IV.             Conclusion

Essay Outline—Analysis of an Argument 
I.                   Introduction
"In [list the source, for example, a recent editorial], the author argues [briefly summarize the argument, for example, that businesses should relocate to Helios].  This argument, however, makes several unwarranted assumptions and fails to provide sufficient evidence to justify the author's claims."  

II.                Flaws (3 most serious)
"In presuming [list the most serious assumption, for example, that low unemployment is beneficial to business], the author neglects to consider [explain how the assumption could be false, for example, the rise in wages and corresponding operating costs that accompany low unemployment].  For example, [give an example of a case in which this assumption could be false] .  Moreover, the writer offers no data concerning [list missing information, for example, about the business climate in cities outside of Helios], thus making it difficult for us to evaluate the recommendation/conclusion.  For instance, [give an example of how this...
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