Golden Rules for Improve Spoken English

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  • Published: March 2, 2011
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Your email communication must be effective to rightly understand each other, specially when you are communicating in different time zones. If you can not effectively communicate, you lose almost a day or two again to explain the same thing. If you are poor communicator over email, you know the consequences. The casual messages you exchange with your friends don’t necessarily follow any specific principles, but for professional business communication, you must follow some email etiquettes. Some of the tips, I have suggested below may have some other way of implementations depending on the nature of business, context and degree of relationship between you and your email recipient. 1. Precise and meaningful Subject line

Just imagine, how many emails you get everyday? Do you get chance to read all of those? How many emails you delete without reading? or even without opening? How do you filter/prioritize the emails? Subject Line should be used to catch the eye of the email recipient. Short or long vague lines used in subject line creates confusion. Subject line should summarize the exact thrust of the message. Some of email software clients tags your email as spam and dumps to junk email folder.So give a thoughtful time to make the subject line easier for the recipient to clearly understand why you’ve sent the email and to quickly decide what should be done in response. 2. Smart Message Content

Remember, email is meant for short and smart communication. The most effective way is expressing your thoughts in short bullet points. If not be write precise and short paragraphs for each issues you want to discuss. Maximum 4 to 5 paragraphs are fine. If you have a page size content or longer, or you want to send illustrations, better sent as an attachment. If you want your client made work on the same document, I prefer MS Word file as it allows change tracking facilities, otherwise PDF file is safe...
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