Go Green

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  • Published : May 29, 2008
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Identify Purpose: To inform my audience and to influence a change.

Goal Statement: To educate the audience about going Green.

Thesis Statement: I will let my audience know about the benefits of going green, how to implement it into their everyday lives, & why they should Go Green.

Body: As of today Americans make up 4% of the world’s population, yet we produce 25% of the world’s carbon dioxide pollution, from fossil fuel burning. That’s more than China, Japan, & India combined. And every minute the U.S. uses $1million dollars worth of energy.

Transition:Did you know that recycling one aluminum can saves enough energy to run a T.V. for about 6 hrs.?

Main Point:The benefits of going green are endless. Creating healthier household environments through better indoor air quality, lower energy & water costs, and healthier building materials help to increase sustainability of our homes and environment.

Transition:Changing your light bulbs to compact fluorescents, washing your clothes in cold water, and bringing your own bags to the grocery store.

Main Point:Simple ways to go green. Architects can improve efficiency of heating & cooling structures by using solar energy & harvesting rainwater. Graphic designers can use recycled papers and print with lower v.o.c. inks. Fashion designers can use organic fibers to make clothing.

Transition:If each of us does our part little by little, we can increase the lifespan of our planet and ourselves.

Main Point: In many parts of the world water is undrinkable, air is unbreathable, and land is being destroyed due to incredible amounts of waste. 95% of most products created go to waste. Earth is losing the beauty it once had.

Transition:The health of the people we love and the future of our children are at stake.

Conclusion: So, please the next time you toss a piece of trash on the ground or stand in your kitchen with the refrigerator door open. Remember the energy it takes to cleanup and...