Green Banking

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  • Published : August 19, 2012
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Green Banking
In an increasingly eco-conscious market, many small businesses are finding creative ways to go green. Whether it’s improving their energy efficiency, buying organic products, composting or just turning off electronics at night, being green means all sorts of things to different people. One small thing you may not have considered is green banking. Most banks have at least one green initiative in place (or claim to), and a few have made the extra effort to distinguish themselves as green businesses. But what does “green banking” mean exactly? Depending on whom you ask, it’s a marketing term, a social philosophy, an investment strategy, and everything in between. However, if you’re an entrepreneur, you probably want to know if it makes sense on a business level. The answer is yes! You’ll save money, you’ll help the planet, and if you’re already running a green business, it’s a great next step. That said, if you’re serious about getting a greener banking experience, you’re going to have to look at facts, not fluff. What is your bank really doing to be more environmentally friendly? Have they cut back on their paper and energy use? Do they invest in sustainable or green businesses? Do they give back to the local community in any way, or give money to charity? You don’t need to do that much digging to get some good answers. Here are a few easy things to look for. Paperless and online ba nking

These days, almost all banks offer paperless options and online account access. You’re in good company if you already opt to get your bank statements delivered to you electronically at home, and it’s a real easy step to greening your business account. Besides being environmentally friendly, it’s also incredibly convenient. You’ll have easy to access your account information anywhere you’ve got a safe and secure Internet connection. All accounts you have with the bank, even your business credit card if you have one, will be on their database. Your...
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