Go Abroad or Study at Home

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  • Published : October 21, 2010
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Many international students choose to go to an English speaking country to study but learning via the internet is much cheaper. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the two options? Nowadays, with the development of globalization, a growthing number of people think English is most important in our life, therefore, many international students choose to go to an English speaking country to study, but some people think study English via internet is cheaper than go abroad. This essay will explain advantages and disadvantages of go abroad to study English, moreover describe benefits and drawbacks of learning via internet. One advantage of studying English abroad is that students should learn some advance experience and knowledge. Studying abroad not only learn English, but also learn a great deal of professional knowledge from that country. For example, students can study finance from the British or American. Furthermore, studying abroad help students improve their ability to live independent. Studying in a foreign country, students cannot solve problems from their parents. They need study and live independent which help them integrate into society easier. In addition, studying English abroad can provide a good language environment which help students study English quicker and easier. In a foreign country, students improve their English speaking skill quickly, because they must say English everywhere. On the other hand, a great many of students will be faced so many psychological problems, such as lonely and helpless. Those international students first into a new environment, they are not easy to adapt this environment. Most of them feel lonely and homesickness. A further disadvantage is that the cause fees is very high, which is a very heavy costs to the average families. If some students not work hard in foreign country, they will fail their causes, as a result they will waste a big part of their parents savings. There also have many benefits to studying...
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