Globalisation and Global Warming

Topics: Global warming, Natural environment, Globalization Pages: 5 (1906 words) Published: October 8, 2013
Globalisation has changed the world and its economy through-out the last 30 years (after WWII). The concept of globalisation has altered not only the economy but also society, by sharing limitless goods; information; technologies; materials; resources; services…etc. Trading has improved and enhanced society in each country’s economy, therefore the world has been continuing this, up ‘til now. How fast globalisation have been rising and spreading has gradually affected the environment rigorously. The effects of globalisation are: regional and global inequality; climate change and increasing poverty. The consequences of globalisation can be found and seen anywhere and everywhere for example: a few wealthy people and relentless poverty for everyone else. Plus Globalisation clearly involves trading natural resources which can lead to pollution and additional environmental intimidations. (Ivanova, 2004) It is the process of international assimilation. Humans from different countries have started to interact from thousands of years ago, the ‘Silk Road’ is one of the first examples that connected Asia, Africa and Europe. Globalisation includes many things like philosophy; religions; language; arts; raw resources and exchanging products or ideas. Economic globalisation is developing a country’s economy by compromising the globalisation of production; markets; competition; technology; corporations and industries. (Wikipedia) There are many environmental policies right now, each year the issues get more severe and we (the human race) are trying to get each other's attention and encourage each other to be more eco-friendly. Many of the environmental problems that we are dealing with are caused by globalisation, which is the point of this paper. It is to provide the information to prove that it is extremely hard to maintain the concept of international trading and at the same time improve our environment. It is true that globalisation is a humongous part of civilization but right now, it isn't as crucial as saving our planet. Earth's environment is severely damaged and it is getting worse day by day, and if we don't have a logical idea to sustain both our economy and our environment we would have no choice but to focus on our environment only. (Revell) In my extended essay, I will explain how globalisation affects the environment and the possible solutions to protect the environment yet sustain the international trade. I will clarify why damaging the environment is an inevitable significance of globalisation. This essay will include the influences of rising production; relocation of polluting industries; increased flow of goods, services and people. I will examine international environmental issues and how each of it links to globalisation. The effects of globalisation includes both positive and negative environmental impacts. Some of the good outcomes of globalisation on the environment are improving education and incomes, creates greener eco-friendly technology, improving use of resources and promoting growth through development. Globalisation is a huge impact on civilization; development and basically, the economy; therefore it can help improve the environment when promoting growth. But globalisation is the reason for many environmental issues and it is also trying to improve the environment, the thing is damaging the environment has a high probability that it will continue as long as globalisation advances. For example the World Bank, it has successfully helped Mexico during the 90's by reducing the number of unhealthy ozone days. The multinational corporations conducted research and created technology to reduce the consequences of humans on the environment which can be referred as "green technology". Other examples are: eco-friendly cars which achieves higher fuel economy but lower emissions; Apple produced the MacBook which was built "using materials that are high recyclable and free of many of the harmful substances present in...
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