How Globalisation Affects the Education in the Uk

Topics: Developing country, Higher education, Education Pages: 3 (834 words) Published: May 10, 2013
The effects of Globalisation on Education

Globalisation is a new concept that was developed in the 1980’s and is now a familiar term worldwide. A reason for this popularity could be due to the fast development of communication technologies, which have made impressive progress from the 1980s to the present day. Communication has developed from archaic hand written information to instant messaging i.e. Twitter, Facebook and BBMs. Through these mediums people from across the globe are able to communicate information instantly and in real time. The global bringing together of people, business and information, creates the word globalisation.

Globalisation seems nowadays to be an integral part of life and impacts on everyday matters such as business, media etc. Moreover it has greatly influenced the following areas: socio-cultural, educational development, political shifts, economically, financially, trade and communication integration.

According to Will Straw (27 October 2011) Globalisation is able to portray local and nationalistic perspectives to an international audience to an interconnected and interdependent world. Globalisation has taken the huge modern world of different countries, languages, technologies and people to create a Nano World. As communication becomes faster and immediate, the old barriers of countries that were dominated by boarders and politics are no longer viable. Globalisation allows access to a huge array of information at one’s finger tips. Anyone with a computer or mobile device is able to gain access to information on most things, be they manufactured in China and then sold in the Middle East. There is nothing preventing the buyer from purchasing items that have a global footprint including education.

Jane C. and Millar Wood both agreed that from 1997 the impact of globalisation on education has been enormous. Education has had a tremendous influence in shaping the leaders of the future. This influence is...
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